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premium pure alcohol socially
premium pure alcohol socially

ZERO Magnum adventure started in 2017, from the ambition to create the perfect brew for working professionals and executives who need to fulfill their need for a luxurious and relaxing drink after a hard day’s work without turning to alcohol.

Leo Magnum was founded to create the perfect non-alcoholic beer for the new generation of professionals and executives with an updated focus on individuality and socially conscious consumption. We embarked on a journey from the Himalayas to the high Tatras and found the purest and untapped water. We found the finest hand selected hops from the Czech Republic, “the land of the Pilsner beer”. We harvested the finest selection of barley grown in West Germany to produce our beer. We started with a blank slate, imagining what the next generation of beer products would look like. From that, Leo Magnum was born.

ZERO-Nonsense Beer

We have crafted a beer for the changing times of our world. We invite not only non-drinkers but everyone to drink with pride by enjoying a Leo Magnum ZERO. Our beer is ZERO-Nonsense because we focus on what is important, the beer. Less frills, more thrills are what you can expect in each and every can of ZERO.